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Talent Acquisition Meet-up, 2d June

On June the 2nd, Global{M} hosted a Talent Acquisition Meet-up in Barcelona. Our aim was to reunite people from the Talent Acquisition, Business, and Tech communities, and use this time to share experiences, learnings, and opportunities to network.   We had 4 amazing speakers...

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Lunch and Learn with Annie Grases 

This blog covers all things relating to Job search, HR and Career Development. The team at Global{M} spoke with Annie Grases during our last Lunch&Learn session. Annie is recruiting the best talent to work at Booking.com. As all of you might know, Booking.com is a technology that makes travel easier and helps you to book […]

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Talent Acquisition Meet up, 30th September

Global {M}, Barcelona hosted a Talent Acquisition meet-up on Thursday, 30th of September, on the terrace of Barcelona Tech City. With views of Barcelona Port that inspired us, and food & drink available the in-person conversations were flowing once again. We were excited to welcome a group...

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