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Having a Talent Partner working full time with us was certainly the best choice we made to face the IT recruitment challenge we had this year. The Consultant helped us streamline the recruitment process for tech profiles and closed positions we had open for months. In a short period of time, they understood very well how we do things in Signaturit and how important the cultural fit for us.

Thalita Antonioli, Head of People, Signaturit

I was most impressed by the Global {M} Consultant’s constant willingness to adapt without complaint to changing plans, needs, and priorities, as the business went through enormous change. This reflects the down-to-earth, practical, and hard-working mentality, from sourcing candidates through to battling with diary challenges to get a candidate through the hiring process.

Charles Wedderburn, Finance Director, Hadden

End of 2020 I was looking for two developers for my new startup. It’s always a challenging task to find devs with the right mindset and good skills in the technologies we use. Luckily I had the chance to work with Nick. Nick was sourcing and screening candidates with our ideal profiles in a super short timeframe and a high quality. We ended up hiring two developers in just a few weeks. thanks to Nick.. Highly recommended if you are looking to create a remote dev team.

Sascha Krause, Co-Founder & CTO / CPO, Digital Education Academy

10 out of 10 – This has been such a great experience, I have never had so many fantastic candidates to screen.

Nimisha Bowen, Head of Experience DesignAbcam