About us

At Global {M} we believe there is a better way to do Talent Acquisition. We’re passionate about it and our mission is to make hiring more transparent and efficient for our clients, and build the most engaged and vibrant technology community.

Our pillars

Global {M} is built around four key pillars that determine the way we do recruitment. 

  • Clients
  • Communities
  • Technology
  • Future

Engaging with our clients, by listening to them and learning their needs is key for us. We recognise they are the reason behind our success. We’ll go above and beyond to add extra value and provide the best quality service. It is in our DNA! Each and everyone of the Global {M} Tech Talent Specialists will raise the bar to improve, analyse successes and failures and perform at 120%.

This pillar is very important to us because working as a team we realise more can be achieved. Which is why knowledge sharing, from project ideas to different diverse perspectives is ingrained in our ethos. Not just from a team perspective but making sure we are part of the bigger technology community. The {M} stands for Method which encapsulates our approach to tech talent acquisition. The concept is about building communities and partnerships globally to ensure we can meet our client’s growth rate.

Embracing technical change and the unprecedented growth it can bring allows us to challenge the norm and bring a fresh perspective to recruitment. Embedding collaborative processes and incentivizing collaborative behaviors transforms the way Global {M} turns knowledge into action. By encouraging intrapreneurialism, we foster an innovative and creative environment, ensuring that as consultants we add more benefits and extra services.

We see the big picture in everything we do! Prioritizing and building long-term relationships, lasting partnerships and friendships across the technology community is more important to us than the short term goals. It creates new opportunities and it exposes ourselves to new experiences. This humble perspective is a way of life because it allows us to grow and develop ourselves professionally and personally. instead of getting caught up in the immediate rewards.

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The team

Nick Waller



Kamil Perucki

Head of Finance


Ellie Baker

EA & People Development


Willliam Gee

Account Director


Rupert Smith

Senior Talent Partner


Aman Gupta

Senior Talent Partner


Glen Mac-Johnson

Talent Partner


Abs Yade

Talent Partner


Alexandra Baratchegaray

Talent Partner


Luca Crisponi

Talent Partner


Lynette Martin

Talent Partner


Harold Melaphi

Talent Partner


Brendon Lush

Talent Partner