At Global {M} we believe there is a better way to do Talent Acquisition. We’re passionate about it and our mission is to make hiring more transparent and efficient for our clients, and build the most engaged and vibrant technology community.

Built on four pillars

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our team of consultants is multi-cultural, multi-ethnical and we aim to have a gender-balanced team. This creates a diversity of thought that allows us to represent public opinions and shapes the direction of Global {M}.


The {M} stands for Method which encapsulates our approach to tech talent acquisition. The concept is about knowledge sharing, from project ideas to listening to different diverse perspectives.


Embracing technical change and growth helps us to challenge the norm and bring a fresh perspective. By encouraging intrapreneurialism, we look to foster an innovative and creative environment.


We prioritise building long-term relationships, partnerships, and friendships across the technology community by focusing on client and candidate experience. These are as important as short term goals.

In the news

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What we do

Recruitment is about more than just jobs, it’s about people. The world is full of amazing tech talent and brands that need to be brought together. Using our subscription model we’ve led and built recruitment strategies for over one hundred businesses, across nineteen countries and four continents.

Active worldwide

Our Social Impact

At Global {M} we understand that any company has to think further than just company goals. In collaboration with other organisations, we work towards creating a positive social impact in our global society and to improve the lives of others through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our partners and clients

Our team

The Global {M} team was great to work with, they were positive, always prompt and proactive with keeping me informed throughout the entire recruitment process. I would recommend Global {M} to others without hesitation.

SUSAN LIN – Project Manager at Agile Scrum Master

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Interested in our services or in partnering with us? Global {M} is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your needs.