We carry out many events to incorporate and engage current and new partners, and to work on community building. At the same time, through our events, we try to encourage inclusion and diversity. Below you can find videos of our activities and coverage of events we have participated in or that we organised, or go to our Eventbrite page to see upcoming events.

Coverage of our events

Global {M} Intrapreneur Event in Berlin

Global {M} invited start-ups, scale-ups, and corporations to our Intrapreneur event hosted in Ahoy Berlin to learn from one another. The focus was on innovation through digitalisation; adopting technology to automate and change a product, sector, or department through intrapreneurship and or entrepreneurship.

European Investment Bank: Warsaw Women in Tech Career Event 2018

Global {M} hosted the European Investment Bank to talk to some talented technologists in Warsaw, sharing their business, the challenges, and promoting the European Investment Bank to them in a series of talks.

Meet the Global {M} Barcelona team

Welcome to a day in the life of the Global {M} Barcelona team. Based in Barcelona Tech City, we mingle on a daily basis with technology start-ups and scale-ups, and we wanted to visualise this work in these series of pictures.

Videos of events and webinars

Want to know more?

We are open to organise events and/or webinars with current and new partners, and we are more than happy to participate in other events.