What do we do?

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We have individuals and teams, offsite and onsite, who love everything to do with tech enabling them to represent your company's values and culture!


Daily tracking building a data-driven picture of your firm's recruitment, to deliver 2 hires per Talent Partner per month.

Candidate Experience

Humanizing the recruitment process and treating every applicant with the utmost respect. We have a +71 NPS score across our projects.

An introduction

At Global {M} we partner with Talent teams and focus on people who turn brilliant ideas into realities.

We’ve created an in-house method, to build and optimise your recruitment process by aligning with your values and culture; becoming one of you.

Global {M} doesn’t take a commission. We charge a monthly subscription, resulting in a more dedicated and holistic service. This allows us to focus on the medium and long-term growth of your business, just like you do.

Meet our team

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Nick Waller


Entrepreneur and Founder of Global {M}. Passionate about technology, innovation and intrapreneurship. On a personal note, Nick loves sports.

Kamil Perucki

Head of Finance

Experienced accountant, financier and entrepreneur supporting fast-paced and growing companies.

Ellie Baker

EA & People Development

Events & Project coordinator, ICA Compliance Awareness, Projects and Root Cause Analysis and Level 1 & 2 Certification.

Rupert Smith

Principal Talent Partner

Highly analytical and data driven Senior Talent Partner. CIPD accredited and also experience as Client Services Manager.

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What our clients say about us

Global M prides itself on being rated 9.0 out of 10 when it comes to Candidate Experience and Talent Partner integration on our projects. Helping to keep our clients satisfied. Find all testimonials here.

Christine Telyan

Christine Telyan

UENI | Co-founder

Global {M} is a great solution for growing companies building out their team. One of their consultants, worked with us for 3 months. As per our agreement, the Talent Partner was placed with us onsite for 3 days a week but reachable all the time. By being onsite, the Talent Partner was immersed in our business and culture.

Adrian Alexa

Adrian Alexa

Repositive | Co-founder

As part of our agreement with Global {M} Ana, the Talent Partner was placed as an onsite consultant helping us to fill technical positions across the business and help us build structure and momentum within the recruitment process. The Talent Partner was extremely personable effective and enjoyable to be around.

Sascha Krause

Sascha Krause

Co-Founder & CTO / CPO

I was looking for developers for my new startup. Global {M} was sourcing and screening candidates with our ideal profiles in a super short timeframe and a high quality. We ended up hiring four developers in just a few weeks thanks to them.

Ericson Cepeda

Ericson Cepeda

Travelperk | Software Engineer

"A very transparent interview with a lot of questions related with hard and soft skills. Information very structured and nice performance. The Global {M} Talent Partner was such a wonderful person that makes me feel comfortable. "

Jamie Garcia

Jamie Garcia

Crisalix | CEO and Co-Founder

"Working with Global {M} has been a great experience. They've been able to fulfill our needs in recruitment in a very professional way, quick and providing talented people. It's been a pleasure to work with Luca and Alexandra, looking forward to repeating it in the future!"

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As the youngest generation to enter the workforce, Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) are starting to make their mark on the professional world. With a unique set of skills, expectations, and values, they bring a fresh perspective to the workplace that can benefit any organization. However, recruiting and retaining Gen Z candidates can be a challenge for hiring managers and recruiters who may not be familiar with their preferences and priorities. In this post, we'll share some tips on how to attract and hire Gen Z talent for your organization 👇

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Prompt engineering is an important part of software development. It involves making user interfaces that are easy to use and work well. In today's world, prompt engineering is even more important because users want applications that are easy to use and work well without any problems.

Day in the life Interview: Kate Dahl

Our Business Development Manager, Alina German, had a chance to speak with Kate Dahl from Career Denmark. It was very interesting to hear about Kate's background and her life as a Career Consultant. Read the highlights of our conversations in this blogpost👇

Get to know our new nonprofit partner: Iguality

Since September 2022, we have started a collaboration with Iguality, a Spanish/Catalan non profit organisation in Barcelona that offers free mental health services to individuals and communities that face margnisational and precarity. In this article, we will further introduce this amazing organisation and explain how and why Global M works with them.