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Get to know our new nonprofit partner: Iguality

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Trends

Since September 2022, we have started a collaboration with Iguality, a Spanish/Catalan non-profit organisation in Barcelona that offers free mental health services to individuals and communities that face marginalisation and precarity. In this article, we will further introduce this amazing organisation and explain how and why Global M works with them.

What is Iguality and what do they do?

With a strong belief that mental health care should be accessible to all members of society, Iguality offers free mental health services to individuals and communities that face marginalisation and precarity. Together with their local and international partners, Iguality works with a wide range of individuals and groups, including people with a refugee background, people from LGBTIQ+ communities, people that face mental or physical disabilities, people that face economic infringement or people that face injustice in any other way.

The core activity of Iguality is the Mental Health Program, through which they offer cost-free individual counselling to people in need of psychosocial support. Counselling can be of practical nature, done by social workers, or focussed on psychological support, carried out by professional therapists. The strength of the program is that it is entirely carried out by volunteers, including the psychologist who offers their service pro-bono through Iguality. At the moment, the Mental Health Program is supporting 16 individuals with 1-hour sessions on a weekly basis.

The weekly football activities where volunteer Carlos (4th picture) is managing the activities.

 Apart from the Mental Health Program, Iguality also offers other activities that contribute to positive mental health, such as their weekly street football activity, in which anyone can join to build a diverse and inclusive community, using the strength of football to connect people in an accessible and active way. Every Tuesday they play on a pitch provided by the Municipality of Barcelona in the centre of Raval, a diverse neighbourhood in the heart of Barcelona.

If you want to join the weekly football activity, register here for free!

Why did Global M choose to work with Iguality?

As part of our community-building efforts and social impact creation, we do not only focus on creating partnerships with other corporate partners, but we also collaborate with NGOs and social projects to contribute to a more fair and just society. As Iguality stands for ideals that we also support, such as equal opportunities for everyone, we are proud to support them in various ways, further outlined below.

At the same time, we are proud to have the co-founder and coordinator of Iguality as our own Interim Operations Director at Global M, Vincent van Grondelle. Whilst he is further building Iguality, he works part-time with Global M to support his efforts to find sufficient funding for his NGO and already make a big social impact with the current activities of Iguality.

Vincent at a training given by Iguality.

How do Iguality and Global M work together?

Global M is working with Iguality in various ways, all aimed at creating a joint social impact and supporting the great work of Iguality. At the moment, Global M works with Iguality as follows:


Global M helps Iguality share its work and attract new donors and supporters, and demonstrate its activities to share its great social impact.


Global M and Iguality are planning events together for 2023, bringing the corporate and social sectors together. Keep your eye out on our social media to soon learn more about their cycling fundraiser planned for September 2023…!

Software licenses

Global M is supporting Iguality by providing pre-paid software licenses for their operational and administrative processes.

Space usage

Global M is offering office space to Iguality for their teams to do their daily work, and meet with volunteers for recurring team meetings.

Global M believes in what Iguality does and in the importance of adequate mental health care for everyone in today’s societies. We continue to support their work and we fully endorse their great activities, mostly run by volunteers.

How can you help?

Iguality is a young and small organisation, and can use all the help they can get! At the moment, they are mainly in need of:

Make a donation

Already with a small 5 euro donation, you can help Iguality a lot with small costs they make for their activities. Find the donation options here.

Become a member

As a young organisation, Iguality also needs steady financial support from members that contribute on a monthly basis to the organisation. Become a member here.

Become a corporate partner

To make the organisation more sustainable and create an even bigger social impact, Iguality is also looking for more corporate partners such as Global M. If your company is interested, reach out to Iguality through here.

Follow Iguality

To reach as many people as possible, Iguality needs more followers on social media: InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.

Thanks on behalf of the team of Iguality!

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