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Top 10 FemTech Start-Ups to follow in 2023 by Global{M}

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Trends

When talking about women and technology, it’s hard not to mention FemTech businesses. Nowadays, we see a lot of companies whose mission is to empower women to take care of both mental and physiological health through technology 🧘🏻‍♀️

FemTech is a Female Technology sector that includes fertility solutions, period-tracking apps, sexual health, maternal health and menopause. FemTech improves the delivery of care, facilitates self-care, delivers culturally sensitive and tailored care, and reduces the issue of gender inequality in tech.

Global{M} team has created a list of 10 FemTech start-ups you should watch and follow in 2023!

  • Natural Cycles°📍Stockholm – the first FDA-cleared birth control app powered by an algorithm that determines your fertility status based on body temperature.

  • Hera Biotech 📍San Antonio – FemTech Start-Up that develops and commercialises the world’s 1st Non-Surgical Test For Definitive Diagnosis And Staging Of Endometriosis.

  • Kheiron Medical 📍 London – Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that help radiologists detect cancer earlier. Kheiron Medical’s next-generation technology can increase the chances of survival and pave the way for less invasive treatments.

  • Tinto 📍 London – an app and workplace wellbeing platform that helps women thrive throughout pregnancy, parenthood, and perimenopause. 

  • Jennis 📍 London – the app that uses the latest hormonal health science to help you get the results you want. They provide daily workouts mapped to your hormones and the four phases of your menstrual cycle” using our innovative CycleMapping HormoneAI technology.

  • SimpliFed 📍Ithaca, New York – democratizing access to baby feeding and breastfeeding services by providing high-quality virtual care that is covered by insurance. 

  • Moonai 📍Barcelona – a sound therapy app for period pain relief. Improvement of mental health and chronic menstrual pain management (PMS included) with personalized relaxing sounds and educational content to boost your productivity, rest, and sleep, all synchronized to your menstrual cycle phase.

  • Laia Health 📍 Terrassa, Catalonia – an app to take care of your mental health in preconception, pregnancy and postpartum.

  • KIARA 📍Barcelona – online female health academy. Provide education on menstrual, hormonal and sexual health & Menstrual Store.

  • Gazella App 📍Madrid – the first running App that adjusts to the needs of the female body.

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