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by | Nov 28, 2017 | Trends

We are very happy to be sharing some exciting tech news with you today… It is time to say goodbye to carrying your ID forms around all day! This is only possible thanks to Yoti, the digital identity platform that uses a facial recognition software to match a selfie to a picture on a government issued identity document.

Yoti was founded in 2014 by Robin Tombs (see his Day In The Life interview here) and Duncan Francis, when they found a breach in the market at a race where they had to show an ID form, and then leave it behind for the activity. With their experience in fraud elimination and the fact ID verification is needed almost in daily basis, they started this amazing project. Since 2014, the Yoti app has had more than 140,000 downloads! All it takes to create your digital identity is 90 seconds to: take a selfie, scan your ID using your phone and enter your security code – a 5-digit pin.

We were lucky enough to attend to Yoti’s launch party at London’s Victoria House, and live a total Yoti experience while trying out their amazing app, networking and having a couple of drinks!

The highlight of the event was for sure using the app to prove our age at the bar, or to buy products at the Yoti Supermarket self-checkouts!

Can you imagine how handy it would be to go to the pub or do any ID requiring activity by simply carrying it on your phone?! It is not only a faster way of dealing with things, it is also safer, as the app will only provide your ID if the software recognises your face.

You can see the highlights of the event here: The Launch of Yoti.

At Global {M}, we are very excited to see the tech world grow and evolve. We cannot wait to see what the future will bring for Yoti, and we will keep you posted!

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