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Digital Sales & Marketing

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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

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Founded in 2008, Whisbi is a global provider of a video-first conversation sales platform combining, live video, chat, voice, web/content sharing, and chatbot. Their solution transforms Digital Sales & Marketing with a differentiating online customer experience to improve Live Engagement and increase sales conversion.



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Global {M} worked with the Talent and Hiring management teams at Whisbi to design a recruitment model to hire software engineers into the business.
The company was going into a round of funding and they had to close 10 technology positions across backend (Node.JS), front-end (Angular.JS), and Testing (QA engineer) by the end of Q1 2021.

We redefined the recruitment strategy onboarding one talent partner who realigned the hiring managers on the main requirements for each role also restructuring the interview process which was presenting some bottlenecks and miscommunications between the parts involved. A data-driven approach allowed us to find an optimal balance between the number of candidates sourced and accepted offers.

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was used for this project, because we built a customised delivery model for Whisbi, working closely with them and building close relationships with the hiring managers and the Talent Team.

Covid-19 forced us to have a remote collaboration which didn’t affect the professional relationship as regular meetings were constantly planned to follow up on the recruitment status.


Following their round of funding, Whsibi was mostly recruiting for Senior Engineers who had to be able to work from day 1 in a busy team that wouldn’t have had the time to train them.

Global {M} Talent Partner, worked to integrate with the existing team ensuring the culture and values of this fast-growing company were matched, delivering top quality profiles, and avoiding wasting hiring managers’ time with no qualified candidates. 

Most of the candidates needed to come from Spain as the company is not in favor of having candidates scattered around Europe. Another important requirement was a high level of English and a Degree in Computer Science for the Backend programmers. 

These factors made the search particularly challenging and exciting at the same time.


We brought a Senior Talent Partner on board, working from Barcelona, and meeting the entire Talent and part of the engineering team. The Talent Partner has become integral to the HR process, screening technical candidates using an interview score sheet and submitting candidates directly through their ATS. 

Being branded Whisbi in the emails as well as on LinkedIn, allowed us to identify suitable candidates across Barcelona and approach them on behalf of the company, increasing their level of interest in the project.