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Global M Case Study

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Renewable Energy

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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

About our client

Holaluz is a renewable energy company providing green energy. Its Holaluz Cloud is a system that allows surplus energy, i.e. energy produced by customers’ solar panels that cannot be consumed at the moment, to be deducted from the electricity bill.








Global{M} worked with the Talent Acquisition team at Holaluz. Created in Barcelona with the desire to change the world, in Holaluz they have been working since 2010 to lead the transformation of the energy sector by putting the customer at the center of their decisions and building a long-term relationship with him based on trust. Their challenge is to create a mainstream system that becomes a new standard for people’s life based on the levers of rational use of energy, storage, and self-production.

Global{M} onboarded an ‘onsite’ Talent Partner to the Solar Project at Holaluz, who worked closely with the People Manager and HR Team. The roles included a variety of positions: Sales, Solar Experts, Team Leads, Front Office, Cloud Agents, and Inside Sales Agents.

Why Global {M}

Global{M} was well suited to Holaluz’s project, understanding the needs of business, the market in which they operate, providing quick and effective recruitment support,  and ensuring a great hiring experience. 


Holaluz needed support in a high-volume recruitment process. There were 14 waves of recruitment with a goal to hire 14-19 people in every wave. Our Talent Partner had a goal of hiring around 50 people per quarter and was making around 5 offers per day.


The Talent Partner had access to all tools provided by the Client, enabling them to manage direct applications, and referrals and submit candidates. Being branded as Holaluz in emails as well as on LinkedIn, allowed us to identify suitable candidates and increase their level of interest in the project.

Global{M} Talent Partner worked closely with a sourcing agency. 10% of all the candidates were sourced by our Talent Partner. She managed all the interviews and offers, helping Hiring Manager to grow the company.