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Artificial Intelligence

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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

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Citibeats is a social data platform that helps private and public organizations understand what matters to people at scale, in real-time, guiding decision-makers to take the most timely and necessary actions.



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Global {M} worked with Citibeats, which has been rated in the top Barcelona start-ups to watch by Seedtable. We partnered with Ivan Caballero, to design a recruitment model and to hire several key positions; Key Account Manager, Head of People, Senior Product Owner, SDR’s. The company recently raised funds and were in the process of raising further capital to support their growth.

We onboarded a Talent Partner, who had experience working closely with leadership and C-suite. A clear model for interviewing and communicating was developed that worked best for the Founder, and the Head of Operations. The Talent Partner understood the Barcelona tech community well and put in place a structure to help Citibeats take advantage of their excellent employment brand, which meant a lot of candidates organically applied to their positions.

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was well suited to this project as we understood the Barcelona tech scene and talent market well, from working closely with different sized startups and scaleups in Barcelona over the past few years.


There was no HR or People team, or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to track candidates. This led to an unstructured approach, and we worked to centralise systems, communication, and a way of working to ensure that no talent was lost. Furthermore, we wanted to ensure that every candidate had a wonderful experience in the process.


We implemented a Trello Board as an ATS, Slack for communication, and weekly Sync with the Key stakeholders, allowing us to centralise communication, improve communication, as well as transparency across the business. Due to the high volume of roles the Global {M} recruitment model we implemented defined the key requirements and ensured a data-driven approach to their recruitment needs for a 6 month period. 

As our model is an interim approach to recruitment, we soon established the need for a Head of People, someone who is Spanish and connected with the heart of what the business represents, the social clause of Citibeats. We built a recruitment process for this role, focusing on Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and Retention, this resulted in Pablo Sanchez del Monte being hired as the Head of People.

Client experience

At Global M, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our valued clients. We firmly believe that client feedback is an invaluable resource that fuels our continuous improvement journey and shapes our success.

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