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Lunch and Learn with Vaida

by | Dec 22, 2020 | HR & Talent Acquisition

Vaida joined the Global {M} team one Friday to share her experience to date with hyper growth scale ups like Typeform, and Slite. Vaida has experienced growing a firm from 30 – 200, and managing the ambitious goals of Founders, who have a vision that they want to achieve.

Vaida now works with start-ups like Yego, where she is involved in supporting their HR process, Talent Acquisition formation, and bringing her creative flair to complex legal issues all over Europe.

I enjoy promoting a different way of working. Working based on trust, more thoughtful, more often based on written collaboration, and sustainability in mind.

Not only is Vaida a HR professional but with amazing communication and listening skills Vaida, was able to explain to the Global {M} team what fundamentals each tech start-up should have to grow successfully and sustainably. She prides herself on brilliant candidate experience and stakeholder management that hold her in the highest of regard.

I can definitely recommend Vaida to any rapid-growth company or start-up that wants to build, grow and scale a unique HR team.

Georgina de Solà, Chief People Officer en Holaluz.com

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