Welcome to our Talent Partner Hiring Process page, where we outline the five key steps involved in our comprehensive and rigorous approach to selecting top talent for our team. From CV Review to Cultural Fit assessment, each phase is designed to identify the most qualified and culturally aligned candidates who will contribute to our organization’s success.

Our Interview Process in one view

Details of each step


CV review

The review process initiates with the hiring manager thoroughly assessing the applications, meticulously eliminating candidates who fail to meet the minimum requirements for the position.


Initial screening

During the Initial screening, we assess applicants’ experience, skills, work history, qualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and future career aspirations to establish a positive first impression and gather essential information.


Sourcing exercise

We assess Talent Partner candidates through a live exercise involving three job descriptions, testing their scouting abilities for Technical, Product, and Functional roles. We evaluate their use of booleans and filters, profile analysis, handling of missing information, and adaptability to unfamiliar profiles, among other important skills.


Competency call

Competency-Based Interviewing gathers evidence of skills, experience, and personal qualities through a set of targeted questions, allowing for comparison against predetermined criteria to assess candidate suitability.


Cultural fit

The Culture Fit assessment, conducted by the CEO and HR/Operations Executive, evaluates a candidate’s alignment with the company culture, assessing the adaptability and ability to embody the company’s values, mission, and objectives.

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