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eko makes great technology that tells great stories. eko runs the world’s only streaming service where all the content is interactive.



Global {M} works closely together with the Director of People Operations from eko and we have designed a recruitment model to hire talents into their business. At eko they see an artist in everybody, and we understand that they are looking for talents who are passionate about working on the cutting edge of tech and entertainment and want to help them build this new interactive medium, and champion choice-driven entertainment.

Why Global {M}

First, a hiring process can be quite time-consuming. Working with Global M is a great advantage that has significantly shorten the full cycle recruiting process. Second, to improve the quality of hire. We have an expertise not only in finding great candidates, but also making sure that these candidates are indeed a great fit for a certain positions.


In May 2019, eko’s current dimension along with diversity of roles, came to a point where they knew they needed to upgrade their recruitment process to keep attracting and securing the best candidates. The traditional recruitment methods became obsolete and couldn’t serve this unique start-up’s needs any longer. The biggest pain points were to manage high-volume applications, candidate experience, and understanding the market.


eko doesn’t have a dedicated in-house recruiter and they lack resources to find and hire the best candidates. To ensure that their hiring process is done professionally and effectively, they choose to use us. We came in with two Talent Partners, and while one Talent Partner focussed on creating a talent pool for eko by reaching out to candidates with an interesting profile, the other Talent Partner focussed on the applicants that had applied directly by selecting the best candidates, screen them and manage candidate experience throughout the process.


5 Senior hires so far, and counting, including the Head of Finance, and a Senior Programme Manager. We are managing the applicants who apply directly by making sure they receive timely feedback on their application and selecting the candidates who are the best fit for eko. Our systems are embedded, meaning feedback is faster. We measure candidate experience, using Typeform surveys, and we have weekly meetings with the Talent Acquisition team and Hiring managers. We also reach out to candidates daily, to help eko understand the job market trends in New York.

Candidate Experience

Did you enjoy the interview process
with Eko?

Would you recommend a friend of yours to interview with Eko?

What did you think about the Talent Partner that handled your job application?

At this stage in the hiring process with eko, please rate your interest in working for the firm?

“The recruiting process says a lot about the company, and eko is definitely a winner! The talent partner was very helpful and thorough in describing the opportunity, providing feedback on my background and candidacy, and providing frequent status updates. Also very personable, transparent and supportive throughout the process. The Global {M} interviewer was very clear and thorough in her description of the role in the context of the departmental and company needs, asked interesting and engaging questions, and listened very well to my answers, questions and feedback. It was a pleasure working with both of them.”

Hulls Charles Jr
Senior Technical Project Manager