What is Java?

Java, not to be confused with Javascript, has a reported 9 million developers, making it one of the most popular programming languages available. It is especially popular in software, computer games and application development due to its processing speed and ease of use for beginners. Java is based on the syntax of C and C++ and was developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, which is now part of Oracle.


What does a Java Developer do?

Programming and developing applications and software are the main responsibilities of Java Developer. They are a specialist programmer and may collaborate with web developers and software engineers in order to create business applications and websites. The ability to identify and analyse problems is essential, as is the ability to solve them efficiently, but other duties can vary from quality assurance testing to collating and documenting user requirements.


Key responsibilities of a Java Developer

Please see below a real example of the requirements to hire a Java Developer:


  • To write clean and understandable code.
  • We are test driven and expect you to carry out unit tests on your code
  • Solve problems with attention to detail and analytics
  •  Debug and refactor you code Have an addiction to quality.
  •  To develop with IT-Security in mind Communicate well amongst the team


  •  Knowledge of Database systems (including Oracle and/or MySQL) XML, XSL, XSLT Spring and/or Hibernate
  • One or more additional languages (Scheme, Haskell, Smalltalk)
  •  One or more scripting languages (Python, Groovy, Ruby)
  • Code generation technologies
  •  Object-relational-mapping technologies
  •  High level of spoken English.

Skills And Qualifications required to be a Java Developer

Most companies ask Java Developers to have a degree in a relevant topic, such as computer science, The preferred university degrees tend to be computer science based. This is because the courses usually offer some Java based tasks, such as data structures, database management, computer architecture or statistical and technical writing.

Please note that some companies may consider your application if you don’t hold a degree but you have significant and proven experience of programming Java.

Does it sound like a good fit?

At Global {M}, we believe that the world is full of amazing tech talent, and we want to make sure our candidates find their ideal job at their preferred location.

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