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Global M Case Study

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Embedded Recruitment


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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With over 30 million jobs available in over 75 countries, Talent.com has established itself as one of the largest sources of employment worldwide. Talent.com’s mission is to centralize all jobs available on the web, whether they come from companies’​ career websites, staffing agencies or job boards.


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Global {M} worked with Talent.com and Hiring management teams at Talent.com to design a recruitment model to hire Product Maanagers for the business.

The company had secured series B funding and needed support with 10 positions including Product Managers for different teams, IT related and Big Data roles.

We redefined the recruitment strategy onboarding one talent partner who realigned the hiring managers on the main requirements for each role, also restructuring the interview process which was presenting some bottlenecks and miscommunications between the parts involved. A data-driven approach allowed us to find an optimal balance between the number of candidates sourced and accepted offers.

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was used for this project, because we built a customized delivery model for Talent.com, working closely with them and building close relationships with the hiring managers.


Following their round of funding, talent.com was mostly recruiting for Senior Product Managers that needed to have experience in HR tech and “search and match” which was not easy to find at the beginning but we were able to fill all 5 roles. Besides Product roles, we also assisted with finding IT-related roles that were very critical for the teams as well as Data roles that had been open for a while.

Global {M} Talent Partner, worked to integrate with the existing team ensuring the culture and values of this fast-growing company were matched, delivering top-quality profiles and avoiding wasting hiring managers’ time with no qualified candidates.


We brought a Senior Talent Partner on board, working from the U.S.

Being branded Talent.com in the emails allowed us to identify suitable candidates across the U.S. and Canada and approach them on behalf of the company, increasing their level of interest in the project.