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Global M Case Study

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Renewable Energy Tech

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Embedded Recruitment


London, United Kingdom

About our client

Limejump is an integrated digital energy platform. They use cutting edge technology to give those generating green power much more flexible and transparent access to energy markets by creating ‘Virtual Power Plants’ for their customers.




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A Global {M} Consultant was brought on to assist Limejump with the growth of their tech team, targeting 2-3 hires per month across hard to fill positions, such as Product Owners, Senior Backend and Fullstack Engineers, Senior Frontend Engineers, and Engineering Managers.

Why Global {M}

Following their acquisition by Shell New Energies, Limejump needed to scale their tech team, the bedrock of their platform, fast. By utilising Global {M}’s Talent Partner offering they were able to utilise a reliable, data-driven and structured pipeline of candidates. Having a fixed engagement with Global {M} rather than relying on agencies and hoping for the best they have been able to make the hires that will drive the roadmap that Shell saw so much potential in. The beauty of the model is that Will was able to hit the ground running by integrating with Limejump’s culture and values; building trust, offering accountability, and enhancing candidate experience through knowing Limejump far better than an outside recruiter.


Limejump is a start-up where culture fit and mindset are very important. With a strong technical bar and a cutting edge stack including technologies such as Golang, Python and Big Data tools this project required an intensive, research-led search as well as extensive culture fit parameters..


We integrated Will, one of our Senior Talent Partners, who partnered with Limejump’s Tech and People leadership to create a data-driven and structured approach to handling the large volume of candidates needed for the company’s hiring needs. In-depth role definition meetings were conducted with Engineering Managers and those conducting interviews in order to refine the search. Will’s screening calls were made technically robust in order to strategically cut unnecessary stages out of the process to reduce time to hire in a highly competitive candidate led market. Candidate experience and social hiring techniques were at the forefront of the process in order to create a positive buzz about the company and drive organic candidate acquisition.


The outcomes during this ongoing project have been very positive. So far Limejump has saved 29% on the cost per hire thanks to our successful recruitment model. There have been 12 hires across a range of positions throughout the tech team. There has been a 600% increase in first-round interviews and also a 360% increase in organic applicants.

Client experience

I was initially sceptical of the value of having a recruiter on-site. But after having Will on-site for a few months it is safe to say that those doubts have evaporated. Having Will dedicated to us full-time has allowed him to really come to grips with our requirements and vision. This familiarity really enhances his ability to sell our opportunities in the competitive hiring space that is London. As a small organisation, Will and Global {M} have become a significant factor in achieving our hiring goals.

Dennis Leach, Engineering Manager

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