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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

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Kubbo Smart Logistics is a technology company that operates a network of urban warehouses to enable ultra-fast deliveries to eCommerce and brands. They put all our love and passion to offer you a meticulous logistics experience and customized fulfilment for your eCommerce



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Global {M} worked with the Founders of Kubbo, Victor and Eric, to design a recruitment model for them and source their first CTO. The company raised funds and this was a crucial hire for Kubbo, at a time when eCommerce “last-mile” and “fulfillment” technology is in great demand.

We onboarded a Principal Talent Partner, who had experience working closely with leadership and C-suite. A clear model for interviewing and communicating was developed that worked best for both co-founders, who had a busy schedule. The Talent Partner understood the Barcelona tech community well and put some candidates into the hiring process.

Within 3 Months the Talent Partner found a CTO for Kubbo, who had hands-on technical/engineering skills, leadership skills, and an MBA, showing he can align well with the founder’s business vision/strategy for Kubbo.

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was well suited to this project as we underwood the Barcelona tech scene and talent market well from working closely with different sized startups and scaleups in Barcelona over the past few years.


Global {M} Talent Partner needed to understand the internal structure of the Kubbo engineering team and what the founders wanted the engineering team to look like in the future. The talent Partner needed to find a CTO who had great leadership skills and business acumen but also was able to be very hands-on with defining and building out the cloud architecture for Kubbo’s e-commerce technology. This person also needed to show that they could scale the product fast and effectively.


The Principal Talent Partner was working as the sole account manager and delivery specialist. The Talent Partner was used to communicating with Engineering leaders and communicating with them – he regularly organises and mediates on and off-line roundtable discussions within the tech communities, involving tech leaders from different industries, so he had the gravitas to work with this strategically important CTO role. The Talent Partner needed to be strong with negotiation for this role, which paid off during offer negotiation and counter offer negotiations.