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Financial technology

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Bespoke ‘Super Day’ model 


London, United Kingdom

About our client

JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the USA and has offices in London. They are constantly innovating and scaling where new opportunities arise.



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Global {M} partnered with the UK recruitment team at JP Morgan Chase for 3 months to support a rapid hiring run of 30 Senior Software Engineers needed for a new digital venture.

Why Global {M}

By utilising Global {M}’s distributed delivery model, JP Morgan Chase was able to outsource the heavy lifting of their tech hiring to a dedicated team of Talent Partners. Senior London based Managers provided reporting structures, accountability, data-driven delivery strategies, and transparency. For 3 months, Global {M}’s specialist team became a dedicated plug and play delivery arm for JP Morgan Chase, with none of the costly ongoing legacy overheads.


We encountered a big drop off at the take-home test phase. We implemented a team-wide effort to get greater buy-in during qualification calls. Outcome: 21% increase in completion rate. We also encouraged hiring managers to allow us to fast-track senior, high caliber engineers who refused to complete the test. Outcome: 6 additional hires achieved through a fast-tracking initiative.


During the project Global {M} built a team of 7 Talent Partners. A Delivery Manager and Account Manager based in London and 5 Talent Partners working remotely from South Africa. Our approach was optimised to handle the maximum volume. Multi-channel outreach was qualified with 30-minute technical screen calls with all candidates. Technical tests were sent to suitable profiles and all those who passed were invited to a JP Morgan Chase hosted hiring event known as a ’Super Day’.

We aimed to invite 20+/- candidates per ‘Super Day’ and achieve a 50% conversion rate, leading to 10 hires per month.


We achieved our top-level KPI of 30 senior hires in 3 months. We also effectively rolled out an innovative and bespoke hiring structure in partnership with JP Morgan Chase.