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Global M Case Study

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Information Technology Services

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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

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As a holistic partner for companies and entrepreneurs, Haufe Group empowers people to reach their potential in dynamic market environments. 



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Global {M} worked with the Operations Team at Haufe Group, Barcelona to design a recruitment model and source new candidates to reinforce the Engineering Team. The company, based in Freiburg, began to transfer new projects to the Tech Hub they started to build in Barcelona in 2016.

We onboarded two Talent Partners, who had experience working closely with Hiring Managers to understand the requirements for tech positions. They worked on building a trusting relationship with the Operations Team and the Product and Engineering Director in order to make the whole process efficient, hiring the best engineers and providing constant feedback. 

Within 4 Months the Talent Partners found 3 Junior Fullstack Developers, 5 Mid/Senior Fullstack Developers, and 3 Senior Back-End Developers, who had not only the required tech skills but also made the perfect fit in the culture that Haufe is providing to the Tech Start-up Scene in Barcelona.

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was well suited to this project as we underwood the Barcelona tech scene and talent market, working closely with different sized startups and scaleups in Barcelona over the past few years.


Global {M} Talent Partners needed to understand the internal structure of Haufe’s engineering team and what the Directors wanted the team to look like in the future. The first step was to hire 3 Junior Developers, 4 Fullstack Developers, and 3 Back-End Developers, in which we already successfully placed. The client now requires 5 more Full Stack developers and we continue to collaborate with them to hire the best talent.


Haufe’s HR Manager, who was also in charge of the IT Recruitment, couldn’t find the time to fill all of these positions while fulfilling all the HR responsibilities, and that led us to onboard 2 Talent Partners exclusively dedicated to finding these Developers. To avoid miscommunication and lack of organisation, Global {M} came up with a strategy where one of the Talent Partners was more focused on Account Management, internal communication, and managing every candidate’s interview process, while the other one was scouting new candidates and engaging them in the recruitment process.

This dynamic worked well and they were even trusted with the possibility to come up with new responsibilities, such as:

  • Training interviewers to provide concrete and valuable feedback.
  • Coming up with new ideas to increase employer branding and interview process efficiency.
  • Managing the process for new positions (SCRUM Master and Product Designer).

Client experience

We have worked with Melissa at the beginning and then with Afonso; both have been amazing partners. Both of them have a very keen knowledge of the talent market we are working on and have proven to be highly proficient at their trade. Both blended incredibly well into our organization and became, literally, one of us. Afonso in particular, that started as sourcer and then moved to take the full process e2e, has been essential to the company always going the extra mile and thinking of Haufe as if it was his own and our teams as if they were his own.

Paul Rodoreda, Director of Operations at Haufe Group

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