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Global M Case Study

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Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

About our client

Bold Valuable Tech is a company that aims to design, test, manufacture and deliver high-performance, finished battery and lightweight structure solutions. A large part of Bold’s team has developed their passion for precision and excellence while under the wings of Formula 1.








Global{M} partnered with the Talent Acquisition team at Bold Valuable Tech Bold Valuable Tech was founded in 2019 with one objective: to make Formula 1 battery technology available at scale. Bold Valuable Tech develops high voltage battery systems from scratch and according to customer requirements. Their energy storage products are lightweight and present superior safety characteristics.

Global{M} Team, including an On-site Talent Partner, a Remote Talent Partner and an Account Manager worked closely with the Bold Valuable Tech Talent Acquisition Manager, HR Manager, and the Hiring Managers including the COO and CEO to hire across the Engineering departments (Electrification and Applied Engineering). We collaborated for 3 months and helped them to grow their team.

Why Global {M}

Bold Valuable Tech wanted to ramp up hiring to meet client project demands. Due to Global{M}’s ability to scale Talent Acquisition teams fast and at scale (within 1 to 3 weeks) it was well suited to Bold Valuable Tech’s project. Global {M} is a Talent Consultancy with offices in Barcelona. This gave us a strategic advantage to embed a Talent Partner onsite within the Bold Valuable Tech team.


The team integrated with the existing team, ensuring the culture and values of this fast-growing company were matched. The Talent Partners collaborated with Hiring Managers to get positive results in the process, reporting the results in Google Data Studio each week.

We recruited for job roles that required deep research and candidate sourcing such as Battery Pack Design EngineerSoftware Control EngineerSystem EngineerDesign Mechanical Engineer, Product Manager AviationProduct Manager MarineCell Sourcing Engineer, and Composite Design Engineer.


Global {M} ensures that delivery is tempered with Talent Acquisition Strategy, and thus the team created a talent map of local areas (Barcelona, Spain), and countries across Europe (such as Italy, Ireland, France, and Hungary). The team developed appealing outreach messages with Hiring Managers to highlight the innovative electrical engineering projects that Bold Valuable tech was working on.

This was supplemented by integrating with Bold Valuable Tech technology tools, such as Greenhouse (the applicant tracking system (ATS)). Allowing us to optimise communication, and candidate feedback with Hiring Managers, giving the team the ability to identify candidates to interview, and fast track them to an offer. The team became trusted partners, working with Human Resources to present an approved offer, manage queries on the offer and escalate contractual issues to Human Resources, or the C-suite for speedy and effective resolution.

Roles sourced

Roles include Team Leader, Project Financial Controller, Project Manager Electrification, Battery Design Engineer, ESS Test Engineer, Design Mechanical Engineer, and Test Team Leaders.