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Lunch and Learn with Lorena Rebenciuc

by | Sep 8, 2021 | HR & Talent Acquisition

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Lorena Rebenciuc spoke with the Global{M} team about life as Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Celonis.

Based in Munich, Germany, and New York, USA, Celonis is the global leader in execution management. The Celonis Execution Management System provides companies a modern way to run their business processes entirely on data and intelligence.

Lorena, please tell us about your career journey so far?

I started my career for a company called MRINetwork where I was based in Krakow for six months, recruiting across Poland for various clients, including HCL Technologies, ABB, UBS, and Google. Then I moved to an RPO company in London, where grew from a sourcer to leading a team of 7 people.

I knew next I wanted to grow and specialise in Tech and continue with Stakeholder management, so an In-house and RPO model suited me best.

Lorena Rebenciuc

Then I moved to FREENOW in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities, where I focused on Tech Hiring in Spain, Germany & France.

Now working for Celonis, for a bit over a year. I look after tech recruitment here as a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, working on a variety of roles, such as Team Lead, QA, and engineers for a Celonis lab, a research unit that we’re currently building. I really enjoy being in-house and working directly with my stakeholders.

How do you keep things fresh and relevant in communication with stakehpolders and talent? How do you avoid routine and monotone?

We’re always looking for new, creative ways. With stakeholders, for example, in my regular updates, I try to bring new market insights, and I sometimes provide content for their social media.

For talent attraction, we are trying everything, including events big and small, so far online, but we’re hoping that we will in the near future be able to meet in person and we’ll then also organize our own events. We’re also working on improving our referral scheme, personalizing our reach outs more and more, etc…

The concept of Summer, Autumn and Winter period. How do you manage this?

In the summer and winter months when people are generally less responsive, I focus a lot more on the active talent, and building a pipe of passive talent to contact after the vacation period. LinkedIn and AmazingHiring are both great for this. This autumn period tends to be the busiest, as it’s a relatively short period of time, 2-3 months where we try to do everything we can’t during the summer and winter holidays. January is similar, and then in May-June is the final push before the summer.

One idea may be to look at where people may be active during vacations, stack-overflow, GitHub specific to Tech, and even social media.

Lorena Rebenciuc

How do you manage Hiring Manager requirements and changes should these occur?

Communication, we help assist with requirements, and we are clear with the length of time this will take.

If there is a change in what the Hiring Manager needs that is fair enough, we will look at this and be clear at whether this will change the Talent Pool, time to hire, and so on.

How responsive are candidates to want to relocate? What tactics do you use for offer negotiations?

Generally, we have a lot of people outside of Europe wanting to move in, the response rate is high. Less so within Europe, especially when talking about passive talent. We’re an international and diverse company and we do offer good relocation packages, which I think helps a lot, but for passive talent, the primary motivation is the opportunity (role, company, prospects of impact, and growth)

Team building exercises, what are your favourite?

I love team building – we work in silos so this really allows the team to get together, and not talk about work topics. The virtual escape room was nice, although I like the in-person escape room a lot better, but the issue with it in general is that a big team like ours needs to split into several teams. My favorite ones were the cocktail making and chocolate making classes, they were great fun and we could all take part together! 😍

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