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by | Apr 19, 2017 | Events

This week saw London’s biggest Blockchain event yet and Global {M} was lucky enough to be a part of it. So naturally we couldn’t wait to share the experience with our readers.


Over the two day conference we listened to some incredible keynote speeches, extremely thought-provoking panels and got to network with lots of great people, here are the highlights!


During the first day of the conference we heard from Shane Ninai (partner at Day One Investments), Kumar Gaurav (Founder & CEO of Cashaa), Rudi Kruger (Partner at Usizo) and Bo Ji (The Chinese opportunity). On the second day there were talks by Chris Skinner aka Mr Fintech (Why everyone is wrong about Blockchain) and Peter Bidewell (applied blockchain).


There were also a range of interesting panels going on throughout the day, including ‘Meet the innovators’, ‘Cover your arts – Blockchain and the creative industries’. Including lunch, drinks and networking in between – so there was ample opportunity to meet new and exciting characters.


The winners of the hackathon which took place over the weekend were announced throughout the conference, coming up with some extremely innovative Blockchain based solutions, including Julien Bouteloup’s PapuanyBox which aims to reach the unbanked using fingerprint id.


Edan Yago, Epiphyte’s CEO mentioned they had moved their operations from Silicon Valley to London due to the desirable regulatory environment we have here, joining the FCA sandbox. This was a great testament to Sadiq Khan’s #LondonIsOpen campaign reassuring Londoners that the future is bright.


Overall this was a wonderful event, organised by Luis Carranza and sponsors including Abt associates and Day One Investments amongst many more. Be sure to get your tickets for London Fintech week which will be taking place in the summer during July 7th – 14th!

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