What is iOs?


Apple’s mobile devices run on the operating system known as iOS. It allows you to interact with your iphone, ipad and other gadgets.

Your phone’s lock screen and home screen is the iOS despite being filled with your favourite apps and other handy shortcuts. The operating system also controls the settings menu, where the device’s hardware settings can be adjusted to suit you, from choosing WiFi connection to brightening or dimming your screen.

Most importantly, the system allows you to download and run apps of your choice from the App Store. While you are enjoying your favourite apps, iOS is doing the leg work in managing your phone or tablet’s memory and the smooth running of features.


What does a iOs Developer do?

iOS applications require development and maintenance and an iOS developer is also responsible for inputs on the design. They collaborate with other engineers and developers to create the best possible products and ensure the quality, performance and responsiveness of applications.

Key responsibilities of a iOs Developer

Please see below a real example of the requirements to hire a iOs Developer:

a) Challenges:

• Work on complex applications in a fast changing environment.

• Develop new implementations using the best practices in the iOS world.

• Develop respecting the clean architecture of our apps.

• Work in small heterogeneous teams composed by developers, QA, UX and Product Owners, all working for the same mission.

• Be a key part of the decision making process.

• Continue learning every day participating in workshops, hackathons and other events.

• Work in a vibrant environment.

b) Required skills:

• Demonstrate experience of at least +3 years in iOS mobile application development

• Advanced knowledge in both Swift and Objetive-C.

• You have experience working with continuous integration.

• Know criteria for the design of mobile applications (usability and interaction).

• Demonstrate experience in Unit & UI Testing


Does it sound like a good fit?

At Global {M}, we believe that the world is full of amazing tech talent, and we want to make sure our candidates find their ideal job at their preferred location.

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