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Global M Case Study

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Embedded Recruitment


San Francisco, USA

About our client

Seasoned is the first community that provides a quick and easy way for members of the service industry to find the best local jobs while connecting them with a local network of support. From cooks and dishwashers to servers and hosts, gig workers to lifers, Seasoned aims to help improve the lives of those who work hard serving others, including the businesses that employ them. 



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Global{M} worked with the talent team at Seasoned to design a recruitment model to hire software engineers and sales-related roles in the business. The main roles that have been fulfilled are Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Mid-Market Sales Manager, QA Engineer, Android Developer, SDR, and Back End Engineer. We collaborated with the talent team working with their requirements and interview process. A data-driven approach allowed us to find an optimal balance between the number of candidates sourced and accepted offers.

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was used for this project, because we built a customized delivery model for Seasoned, working closely with them and building close relationships with the hiring managers and the Talent Team.


One of the requirements was to have candidates with experience in restaurant tech, which limited the candidate pool, especially for the Enterprise Customer Success roles, however,

we worked to integrate with the existing team ensuring the culture and values of this fast-growing company were matched, delivering top-quality profiles and managing to fill the roles successfully.


We brought a Senior Talent Partner on board, based in the U.S. The Talent Partner has become integral to the HR process, screening technical candidates using an interview score sheet and submitting candidates directly through their ATS.

Being branded Seasoned in the emails as well as on LinkedIn, allowed us to identify suitable candidates across the U.S. and approach them on behalf of the company, increasing their level of interest in the project