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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

About our client

Seqera Labs is on a mission to simplify complex data analysis pipelines in the cloud. They provide software that enables developers and data scientists to create and deploy data applications in any environment. Their core, open-source technology Nextflow transforms the building of massively scalable and distributed computing solutions.




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Global{M} partnered with the People team at Seqera Labs

Global{M} onboarded as an ‘onsite’ Talent Partner to the project, working closely with Seqera Labs’s People & Culture Manager to hire across Technology and other key roles.  Within 17 months, we placed 39 candidates into the business. 

Seqera Labs are the creators and leading providers of the open-source workflow orchestration software Nextflow. They connect data pipelines and cloud infrastructure and enable collaboration across life sciences, healthcare, imaging, and machine learning. Nextflow is used by thousands of organizations of all sizes — from startups to large enterprises — to manage their data analysis and get results fast. From personalized immunogenic vaccines to sequencing-based diagnostics, Seqera’s customers are performing the most critical work on this planet. They believe in a future where scientific applications and massive datasets join forces to deliver incredible outcomes.

Why Global {M}

Global{M} was well suited to Seqera Labs’s project, understanding the needs of the Hiring Managers, and the niche market in which they operate and providing expertise to bring new ideas and ensure a great hiring experience.


The Talent Partner integrated with the existing team, ensuring the culture and values of this fast-growing company were matched and collaborated with Hiring Managers to get positive results on the candidate process. 

The company is the spin-off of an open-source project, with a niche product. The challenge was to engage tech and non-technical roles in this specific technology. These factors made the search particularly challenging and exciting at the same time.


The Talent Partner did an initial diagnosis of the talent acquisition processes, to understand the EVP of the company and propose the best candidate experience journey (considering hiring funnels, communications through the different stages and the moments of truth).  

Then, the talent partner met with the hiring managers to work on the expectations and ideal profiles. Kick-off meetings for each role and retrospective session has been organized to keep improving the process with the key stakeholder of the company. 

The talent partner assessed culture engagement from the beginning and made sure that candidates understood the product and business model at every step of the hiring process. 

Close contact with the candidates with a robust candidate experience journey was key to finding and keeping the right talents engaged for this company.  


Within 17 months, we placed 39 candidates into the business.


Backend Software Engineers (Java), Frontend Software Engineers (Angular), Backend HPC Engineer, DevOps, QA Engineer, People Operations Specialist, Developer Advocates, Head of Finance, Head of Marketing, Technical Writer, Bioinformatics Engineers, Customer Support Engineer, UI/UX Designer.

Client experience

At Global M, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our valued clients. We firmly believe that client feedback is an invaluable resource that fuels our continuous improvement journey and shapes our success.

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