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Global M Case Study

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Finance, Banking, SaaS

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Embedded Recruitment


Hamburg, Germany

About our client

Receeve is a dynamic and innovative financial technology (fintech) company specializing in revolutionizing the debt servicing and collections industry. With their advanced software platform and technology, they are transforming the way businesses manage and collect debts and collections.







Global M partnered with the Talent Acquisition team at receeve. Receeve’s platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to streamline debt management workflows. By automating reminders and notifications, providing personalized customer communication channels, and offering comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools, Receeve empowers businesses to efficiently manage their debt collection processes.

Global M onboarded as an ‘onsite’ Talent Partner to the project, working closely with Receeve’s Talent Acquisition Partner to hire across Technology. Within 6 months, we placed 6 candidates into the business.

Why Global {M}

Global M was well suited to receeve’s project, understanding the needs of the Hiring Managers, and the niche market in which they operate and providing expertise to bring new ideas and ensure a great hiring experience and candidate’s experience.


The Talent Partner collaborated with their existing peers, ensuring that the culture and values of this fast-growing company were aligned. Talent Partner also brought insights from day-to-day recruitment to continuously enhance the efficiency of the hiring process, with a focus on improving the customer experience. Additionally, TP was closely working with Hiring Managers to achieve positive outcomes.

The most challenging position was the Senior DevOps Engineer – this individual would be among the first to lead the DevOps efforts and assume significant responsibilities in the Engineering team taking in the responsibility for implementing and maintaining the DevOps practices, building pipelines, managing the AWS infrastructure, and enhancing engineering processes. Additionally, he/she would collaborate with the rest of the team to create exceptional cross-functional teams. The search aimed to find a suitable candidate who not only possessed expertise in working with the tech stack but also knew how to integrate into the team and contribute new ideas for the business. These factors made the search particularly challenging and exciting at the same time.


The Talent Partner utilized talent portals to manage direct messages, referrals, and candidate submissions. As a part of the receeve team, the Talent Partner took proactive steps to identify suitable candidates across Europe, carefully selected target countries, and skillfully reached out to them on behalf of the company, employing the appropriate outreach strategy. This approach significantly increased the candidates’ level of interest in the project and led to successful hires.


Talent Partner provided 6 Qualified hires. The delivery has had a strong focus on go-to-market roles: DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Data Scientist, QA Engineer, Junior Business Analyst and Junior Technical Recruiter. Alongside the delivery function, Global M has reduced the time to hire by embedding our systems and enabling faster feedback. We improved the candidate experience by using surveys (see below) and creating transparent feedback loops with candidates about the process. Finally, we gave back time to hiring managers and senior stakeholders by carrying out their recruitment process and allowing them to focus back on what they are best at.

Client experience

At Global M, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our valued clients. We firmly believe that client feedback is an invaluable resource that fuels our continuous improvement journey and shapes our success.

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