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Global M Case Study

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Digital Education

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Embedded Recruitment


Barcelona, Spain

About our client

Ironhack is an international tech institution that helps students develop the technical skills needed to become cybersecurity engineers, web developers, and UI or UX designers.



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Global {M} is working with Ironhack, the global tech school with 9 campuses worldwide, located in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Lisbon, and São Paulo. Ironhack offers Classroom and Online bootcamps and part-time courses in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics, and Cyber Security. 

Global{M}’s mission was to partner with the product Org and Ironhack Talent team, to build out and scale up the Product organization, focussing on managing the Ironhack internal process for product org roles, through their centralized ATS. 

The Global M Talent Partner achieved 6 “Directly Sourced” hires for Ironhack, within the first 3-4 month project.

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was well suited to the Ironhack project. Ironhack is a globally distributed organisation and Global{M} understands very well the Global Talent markets, especially Product and Tech. Ironhack has a strong Spanish connection with 2 of its campuses in Spain and Global{M} have worked on many projects in Spain and have a really good understanding of Tech startup/scaleups here.


The Principal Talent Partner is needed to focus on:

  • C-Suite and B-level stakeholder management 
  • Managing internal applications, as-well as referrals and Direct Sourcing, primarily on LinkedIn Recruiter. 
  • Supporting interview panels and interview processes within the CRM Notion.io.
  • Advising on global talent markets, salaries and employer branding.

Roles focussed on across the Product Organisation:

  • Director of Education
  • Director of Product Management
  • Senior Product Managers 
  • Technical Product Managers
  • Senior Product Designers 
  • Salesforce Project Managers
  • Curriculum Engineers 


The Talent Partner had access to the ATS – Lever and uses it as the main control centre for hiring, managing internal and direct applicants, as well as referrals from here. The Talent Partner uses Slack and Notion.io for communication, and weekly syncs with the Key stakeholders, allowing us to centralise and improve communication, as well as improve transparency across the business. Due to the high volume of candidates, the Global {M} Talent Partner ensured a data-driven approach to their recruitment needs over a 7 month period. 

The Talent Partner works both as a ‘delivery machine’, as well as ensuring the quality of the interview process. The Talent Partner acted as a consultant, working daily alongside the VP of Product, to ensure that deadlines for hiring were met and the budget adhered to.

Client experience

Having Rupert on the process has been a complete game changer. Rupert did all the work finding these amazing profiles, we just talked to them for a bit! It has been a pleasure to be honest.

Pablo A. Hiring Manager

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