Wouldn’t you like to take the next step in your career and relocate to an amazing new and rare location like Montenegro!?

This country is famous for its amazing landscape, including around 300 kilometres of coastline, cliffs, mountains and national parks. Along with this, the climate is Mediterranean, with hot summers and cool winters.

But you can get the best of both worlds, as Montenegro is evolving to become a European Tech Hub little by little! The capital, Podgorica, is considered the economic and cultural centre of the country and the diversity in the population can be recognised – there is a mix of cultures and nationalities, and the most spoken language there is English. When it comes to the tech scene, it would only be fair to mention the Institute of Modern Technology Montenegro (IMTM) and the Montenegrin Association for New Technologies (MANT).

Also, relocating to Montenegro to work means that you will only pay 9% of income tax, how good would that be!? The economy has improved considerably since the beginning of 2017 and compared to the previous year, going through a 3.4% GDP growth rate from January to June, and a 5.1% growth rate in GDP from June until now!

At Global {M}, we are excited to see the tech world grow and evolve, and we want to be part of this tech revolution!

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