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by | Nov 24, 2017 | Careers

Everyone has heard of Cambridge University, one of the most highly regarded and historic places of learning in the world, but there is much more to Cambridge. The city boasts the UK’s most mature technology ecosystem and is home to a plethora of multinationals, making Cambridge one of the leading tech hubs.

Many of the nation’s most successful businesses have spawned from Cambridge, including Darktrace in 2013, Rasberry Pi in 2012 and SwiftKey in 2008! The games studios Frontier Developments and Jagex also call Cambridge home, as well as various life science businesses.

A lot has been happening in Cambridge over recent years. For example, just last year, Amazon chose the university city to test out Prime Air, their experimental drone delivery service. Apple also came to town, opening an AI lab in the city, while chipmaker ARM was acquired by Japan’s SoftBank Group and Imperial College opened a facility on the Babraham Research Campus.

That’s not all! Cambridge enterprise Seed Funds funnelled £5.3 million into 14 companies, an all time high investment for the organisation, which helps students and staff to promote their ideas commercially. It is one of several support networks and organisations offered by the university and the community as a whole.

But the best is yet to come… This spring will see the opening of the newest addition to the thriving Cambridge tech ecosystem, the John Bradfield Centre, which will incubate science and tech entrepreneurs and help them to achieve their full potential. The university will continue to build on its already world-leading position in machine learning and, undoubtedly, further industry changing innovations will be formed.

At Global {M}, we are very excited to see the world grow and evolve, and we want to be part of it.

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