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Nuria Castellana Lluis spoke with Global M Talent Partners about life as an HR Generalist & Recruitment Specialist at Red Points, Barcelona.

Based in New York, Barcelona, Salt Lake City, and Beijing, Red Points is the fastest-growing brand protection company in the world.

So Nuria, please tell us about your career journey so far?

I have been in Recruitment now for 8 years. I have always been an internal consultant, not always in IT but in Service Desk and IT support. I studied for a master’s in Blockchain at the University of Nicosia.

Later on, I was a freelancer for a period of time, focussing mainly on IT. Now, I have been part of the Red Points team for 1 year 1 month and i really do love it 🙂

What is it like working at Red Points?

Being part of the HR team, my main objective is to find the best people capable to solve problems and overcome the challenges that our complex but innovative software offers.

With a great product and brilliant people, it’s not a surprise that Red Points is such a successful and fast-growing company. That’s why we are always looking for new, talented people willing to join our family and help us to achieve our goal of fighting fakes fast!

What is it like having a female CEO?

CEO & Partner Laura Urquizu is a true superstar! Laura is very grounded, you can always say hello, grab a coffee and feel at ease around Laura.

Nuria Castellana Lluis

Having a female CEO is very empowering. Of course, she is all hands on deck, yet without a doubt, Laura will ensure the entire company is aware of the numbers and visibility on sales, company growth, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Gender bias does not exist, we are very proud of this at Red Points!

Nuria Castellana Lluis
What tips can you give to fellow Recruitment Specialists on how to successfully manage the recruitment process?

Communication – we are a team that does everything from implementation of tools, training, employer branding and more. The communication is really good and key for us to suceed. If there is an issue or someone needs something they can always come to us.

How do you find and attract candidates?

We have a really good amount of people applying directly here at Red Points. The brand is so good, that only some positions I will need to source for.

In terms of resources, we use LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed etc.

We are very much quality over quantity. There is a lot of trust in what we do and it works very well.

Nuria Castellana Lluis
How are you managing with salary expectations in Barcelona?

We carry out benchmarking for the available position and we explain the financial packet from the start.

We have a very good culture that is fair, honest and transparent.