We spoke with Claude Loeffen, Founding Director of We Like Talent about how tangible data is key to improving the Candidate Journey.

Having worked in a candidate-driven recruitment market for 15+ years, I came to realise that the Candidate Experience metric should be our prime focus, as it will positively affect all other recruitment metrics.

Claude Loeffen

Global M and Claude looked at some of the common challenges recruiters face when trying to analyse the candidate experience;
  • Hard to pin down exactly what went well and not so well?
  • How can we present data in a meaningful way?
  • Do we suggest improvements purely based on decisions from a business point of view?
  • How can we help the employer covert better data?

So who is in the best position to decide what makes a good, or bad candidate experience?

Claude explains that you cant just take a “best practise” approach and assume what candidates want (i.e. the interview process was too long). You have to ask for their personal feedback to find out what exactly they perceive to be a positive or negative experience.

High-quality information is key. This information can then be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the overall process.

What we believe is best for a candidate simply does not matter, when the candidate thinks differently. We must go on fact rather than simply an assumption.

Claude Loeffen

So how are you going to obtain this feedback?

The easiest way is by creating a Candidate Feedback Survey that is sent to all candidates in the process. You can directly ask the candidate what their experience and feedback is in an anonymous format. It is important to obtain all feedback as you will learn mostly from the feedback that was not 100% positive.

How can you present this data in a meaningful way?

Presenting the data is just as important as collating the data.

We Like Talent offers an easy-to-use Online Platform that makes life easier for Talent Acquisition Leaders, Recruitment Leaders, People Leaders and HR leaders alike by:

Producing Candidate Feedback in easy-to-read Dashboards

Your Candidate Net Promotor Score

Which improvement to prioritise

Candidate Referrals

Positive Glassdoor Interview ratings

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