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Day in the life Interview: Kate Dahl

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Day in the life

Our Business Development Manager, Alina German, had a chance to speak with Kate Dahl from Career Denmark. It was very interesting to hear about Kate’s background and her life as a Career Consultant. Read the highlights of our conversations in this blogpost👇

1. Hey, Kate! First off can you tell us a bit about your job & what your company

Hello! I give career consulting for internationals who are interested in working in Denmark and who are currently in Denmark. We help individuals, companies and organisations bridge the gap in the labour market by giving general advice on how to go about the Danish labour market, training sessions with a-kasse, union, and job centre members, and specialized webinars with job searching advice from experts.

2. What is your background? How did you get into the industry?

My career journey started with my Master’s Degree in Germany, but my life changed a lot when I moved to Denmark. I had to re-invent myself and analyze the Danish labour market in order to find a job there. I have a Sales and Communication background, and my CV is quite diverse. I went and found the right job portals based on the field that I wanted to go into. Then I learned how to do the Danish resume and cover letter and then I made calls and emails for targeting.

I have worked as a Corporate Relations Specialist, International Key Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, and Business Development Manager. Searching for a job and working for Danish companies I learned a lot, and I thought that it would be amazing to share my experience and help other people, foreigners, to explore the opportunities that Denmark has. That’s why I started my company and guide people on how to brand themselves to Danish employers and how to communicate with Danish companies

3. What does your typical workday schedule look like?

I would say my typical work schedule depends on whether I have appointments. Mornings I schedule and create content, afternoons I work on ad hoc tasks and in between, I make appointments or do full-day workshops or events. But always in the evening, I go home to my family to be with my son and husband and practice work-life balance 😊

4. What types of projects do you currently work with?

I currently work with unions, a-kasse and municipalities and give workshops that teach internationals who are currently in Denmark how to job search in the Danish cultural context.

5. What is your biggest achievement?

Having 11k+ Followers on my FB company page and 4k+ on my LinkedIn company page and thousands more on my LinkedIn profile. I am always excited to support young professionals, people who want to switch their career path or people who are considering Denmark for relocation. My followers and publicity help me to support so many people, and that’s amazing.

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