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Financial technology

London, United Kingdom

Xelix’s mission is to eradicate overpayments & protect the bottom line. It’s estimated that up to 0.3% of organisational spend is lost due to process errors and invoice fraud. Xelix acts as the “eyes and ears” to finance – using machine learning & predictive analytics to surface disbursement threats in real time & stop problems before they happen.



Two Global {M} Talent Partners were brought to Xelix to help this promising Fintech Start-up scaling up. The aim was to help Xelix identify and hire talents for key roles such as React Engineer, CTO, Data scientist and Python Engineer.

Why Global {M}

To utilise the Talent Partner offering was key to Xelix as they did not have a tech talent recruitment function at the time. Therefore they were relying on Global {M} to structure talent processes, identify and screen a pool of candidates and implement a candidate follow up.


Xelix being an early stage startup, it was very important to find talents who would be a good cultural fit and would see themselves at Xelix in the long term. The engineering team at Xelix uses high tech technologies such Machine Learning and Deep Learning, meaning that we were keen to find software engineers with a Data and analytics background.


We integrated two Talent Partners, who implemented a recruitment strategy and an ATS. We were meeting with the stakeholders on a weekly basis to get communication efficient and follow up on the candidate pipeline we created. Being onsite allowed us to understand the company culture quickly and to be available to advise our client regarding the recruitment processes. Using Trello board and weekly reports, were essential to us in order to give full visibility to Xelix’s Stakeholders.


We made 4 senior hires across Data Science, Marketing, Python/Django and React.

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