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E-commerce / business travel

Barcelona, Spain

The leading B2B travel website, receiving $44million of Series C funding late 2018, looking to triple the growth of the Engineering team (Python, and React.JS tech stack).

On site + 2 remote resources


Global {M} worked with the Head of Talent at TravelPerk to design a recruitment model to hire software engineers into the business. There have been inconsistent results with traditional agencies, and we devised a data-driven approach, which understood that for every 6 Software Engineers introduced that passed the initial test, 1 would be hired. 

Why Global {M}

Global {M} was used for this project, because we built a customised delivery model for TravelPerk, working closely with the team there, and building close relationships. Recruitment is a people business, so alongside the delivery Global {M} prides itself on looking after the customer, and helping their team grow as much as possible. Every month a senior member of the Global {M} team flies out to visit the offices, and check on the quality of service.


Following their Series C funding, TravelPerk plans to triple the size of the team, across a niche technology stack with Python and React.js. Global {M} Talent Partners, worked to integrate with the existing team, and ensure that we understood the interview and team structure, as well as culture and values of this fast growing tech unicorn.


We brought a Senior Talent Partner on board, who relocated to Barcelona, and met the entire HR and engineering team. The Talent Partner has become integral to the HR process, screening technical candidates, on 5 key points: Salary, Tech Skills, Education, B2C and Consumer experience, and Visa qualifications. Using a Trello board, Daily stand-ups , and Weekly reporting the recruitment model allowed us to identify suitable candidates across Barcelona and Europe for TravelPerk, track them through the process, and secure everyone offered a position with the firm, a statistic we are very proud of!


7 key Software Engineer hires and ongoing over the course of the project.

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“A very transparent interview with a lot of questions related with hard and soft skills. Information very structured and nice performance. The Global {M} Talent Partner was such a wonderful person that makes me feel comfortable. “

Ericson Cepeda
Software Engineer

Have the Talent Partners provided good Candidate Experience?

On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?