Financial Services

Hiring remotely across Europe

Rain is a financial wellness app and service that gives employees more control over their income.

1 x Remote Talent Partner


Global{M} partnered with the Talent Acquisition team at Rain

We onboarded a remote ‘fully embedded’ Talent Partner to the project, working closely with Rain’s Talent Acquisition Manager to hire across Technology. Within 4 months, we placed 5 candidates into the business and have 1 further offer pending. 

Rain provides employers a benefit that can be offered to employees to access their earned wages. This benefit has already been rolled out for companies like Walmart and Uber. Our mission is to regrow individual freedom by giving people control over their income and finances. We are killing predatory financial products like payday loans and overdraft fees.

Why Global {M}

Global{M} was well suited to Rain’s project, understanding the needs of the Hiring Managers, the niche market in which they operate, and providing expertise to bring new ideas and ensure a great hiring experience.


The Talent Partner integrated with the existing team, ensuring the culture and values of this fast-growing company were matched and collaborated with Hiring Managers to get positive results in the process. The most challenging role was the Senior Backend Engineer (Golang), we accomplished the task and filled 2 vacancies for this role.


The Talent Partner utilized Talent portals, enabling one to manage direct messages, and referrals and submit candidates. Being branded as a member of Rain, on emails as well as on LinkedIn, allowed us to identify suitable candidates across Europe and select target countries, and approach them on behalf of the company, increasing their level of interest in the project.


7 offers, 5 placements

Roles include: Senior Mobile Engineer x 2, Lead Mobile Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer (Golang) x 2

Have the Talent Partners provided good Candidate Experience?

On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

Since day 1, Whitney (Global {M} Talent Partner) has been proactive and really professional. She already jumped into the subjects and knew how to manage our complex environment.

Whitney is a real technical recruiter, she understands and manages deep stacks and technologies. She shows resilience and commitment. A wonderful person to work with and a superhuman in general. Highly recommended.