It’s one of our core beliefs that forming lasting partnerships is essential to building an effective strategy for business development. Irrespective of the geographic location of our clients, they all take great pride in the work of their organisations and share a desire to work alongside people who they can trust.

A wide range of partnerships

Whether a company is at the start of their journey and seeking seed round investment, or nearing exit at the other end of the spectrum, a large amount of the money raised will go towards the creation and expansion of their tech team, from junior developers all the way up to CTO.

Returning to the theme of trust, we have found that many of our most exciting and challenging projects have come to us on the recommendations of the investors with whom we partner.

It makes no difference if we are speaking to Eight Roads and Silicon Valley Bank in London, or Nauta Capital and Caixa Capital Risc in Barcelona, they all cite talent acquisition as one of their key challenges.

Longstanding and stable collaborations

As any investor would agree, the creation of a high calibre tech team is vital to the future successes of their investees and is an area in which they have an inherently vested interest.

It is thus by befriending and gaining the trust of the men and women who make the visions of entrepreneurs possible that we have been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the world’s most innovative tech companies.

As we also like to help early stage companies find their way on the path to investment, we are always happy to introduce them to investors in our network who can help them take their idea from pitch deck to first funding round.

Are you our next partner?