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A Global {M} Consultant was brought on to assist Signaturit scaling up their IT Team

Industry: Legal tech
“Having a Talent Partner working full time with us was certainly the best choice have made to face the IT recruitment challenge we had this year. Luca helped us streamline the recruitment process for tech profiles and closed positions we had open for months. In a short period of time, he understood very well how we do things in Signaturit and how important is the cultural fit for us. His flexibility to adapt the process to our context and make himself part of our team was a total win. The quality of the candidates he presented and the speed to move the process forward keeping a personal touch was crucial for the success of this project. We finished the year with the Tech team completed, thanks to Luca and Global{M} great job and partnership with Signaturit’s team.”


A Global {M} Consultant was brought on to assist Signaturit scaling up their IT Team.
Signaturit has been facing huge growth following some rounds of funding carried out at the beginning of 2019: the employees’ number doubled up in just one year.
The goal was to scale up IT team hiring 8 candidates throughout a 6 months project recruiting for key positions such as Product Owners, Senior SW Engineers, Security Engineers and Scrum Masters.


Signaturit is a Barcelona based start-up focused on B2B digital solutions in the field of electronic signature across the Spanish and the European market.
The IT team uses high tech technologies such as Machine Learning and Blockchain adopting Agile methodologies, cloud platform (AWS), microservices and Devops tools like Git, Docker and Bitbucket.
The Development team codes following best practices: SOLID principles, TDD, BDD, DDD with 2 deployments per week and sprints every 2 weeks.
The cultural fit is a key factor as the team is mostly made up of people coming from Latin countries such as South America, Spain, Italy, France. Main language in the office is Spanish even though the company is gradually shifting into a more international environment.


We integrated Luca, one of our Talent Partners, who partnered with Signaturit’s Tech and HR department to create a data-driven and structured approach to handling the large volume of candidates needed for the company’s hiring needs.
After introductory meetings carried out with the Project Manager and the in-house IT Talent Specialist, a recruitment plan was defined identifying key requirements for each role as well as defining Talent Partner’s KPIs to achieve his results.
The recruitment approach was entirely focused on matching the tech background criteria without neglecting the cultural traits candidates must have to represent a good fit for the company.
An interview outline was created to define a clear screening process aimed to identify from the first screening call, the main candidate’s technical and soft skills requested.


The outcomes during this ongoing project have been very positive.
6 key hires were made in the first 3 months, a document about the recruitment process was put on paper helping the HR department to have a standardised guideline for future recruitment purposes.

To date Global {M} has saved Signaturit 48% of costs versus a success based recruitment model. In addition to 70 business hours, that were previously used to manage recruitment partners and their relationships. This time can be put into more effect work like L&D for current employees.

Why Global {M}

Signaturit’s project highlighted how important is to have an in-house Talent Partner rather than an external one.
To live in first person the company’s culture as well as the constant evolution of the recruitment needs, helps both sides to stay constantly up to date and to tackle in a short time unexpected changes in the key requirements for each position as well as in the recruitment plan.
Regular meetings and a constant system of feedback significantly improved the overall quality of the recruitment decreasing the rejection rate while ensuring a satisfactory recruitment experience to candidates, in a way that Signaturit’s culture and values are always met throughout all the phases of the candidates’ onboarding process.

Final Interviews
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Signaturit Candidate Feedback

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