Case study

How Global {M} was able to structure a recruitment process for Crisalix

Industry: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality 4D & 3D.
Location:  Barcelona, Spain.
Background: Crisalix is the world’s leading tech company in the field of 3D aesthetic simulation. With a business size of 100 people, across three countries.
Type of project: Onsite 

"Working with Global {M} has been a great experience. They've been able to fulfill our needs in recruitment in a very professional way, quick and providing talented people. It's been a pleasure to work with Luca and Alexandra, looking forward to repeating it in the future!"
Jamie Garcia
CEO and Co-Founder


We brought Luca, a Global {M} Consultant supported by Alexandra, our Customer Success Manager to assist Crisalix scaling up their IT Team throughout a 3 months project.
Crisalix is a well-established company with offices in Barcelona, Switzerland and Philippines which develops pioneering technologies in the field of aesthetic surgery.
The goal was to scale up its IT team hiring for operational and research profiles working both on-site and remotely.


Crisalix is an international company owner of an innovative B2B solution which allows patients to see how their body would become before having actual surgery, using VR and Augmented reality technologies.
The IT department is divided into 5 teams focusing on different aspects of the product: research, integration of algorithms into the platform and development of new features for the web application which is sold to B2B customers (mainly plastic surgery doctors) in more than 40 countries worldwide.
Recently, the company have launched a B2C product available for free on the Google Play Store.
The challenge was to recruit for profiles who use a very diverse stack as each team is specialised in different technologies (Ruby On Rails, Python, C++, Unity, Tensorflow, Keras etc.) and interfaces with different devices and coding paradigms.
The goal was to find highly specialized profiles for each team, improving the overall performance of the IT Department.


Our Talent Partner developed a new recruitment strategy for the IT department of the company implementing a lean and agile recruitment process and optimizing the time per hire bringing it from an average of 1 month to just 12.6 days.

5 key profiles for the company were hired in just over 2 months (Product Owner, Technical Support Officer, 3D Engineer, RoR Developer, Deep Learning Engineer) have been hired, ensuring a positive recruitment experience to all the candidates screened (feedback is posted at the bottom of this page).
Every 10 candidates submitted, 1 got the job.
Crisalix’s visibility on LinkedIn has been increased creating ad hoc posts on behalf of the company.
Our Customer Success Manager successfully finalised the project after 3 months, considering that all the positions were filled 2 months before the deadline initially agreed with the company.

Why Global {M}

Crisalix project highlighted how important is to have an in-house Talent Partner rather than an external one.
To live in first person the company’s culture as well as the constant evolution of the recruitment needs, helps both sides to stay constantly up to date and to tackle in a short time unexpected changes in the key requirements for each position as well as in the recruitment plan.
Regular meetings and a constant system of feedback significantly improved the overall quality of the recruitment decreasing the rejection rate while ensuring a satisfactory recruitment experience to candidates, in a way that Crisalix’s culture and values are always met throughout all the phases of the candidates’ on-boarding process.

qualified candidates
final interviews
offers sent
hires and counting!

Candidate experience

We have asked our candidates for feedback on the interview process with Crisalix and here are the results:

Did you enjoy the interview process with Crisalix?


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What did you enjoy about the interview process?

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